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Mark Steven Lewis

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Cloud Systems Engineer

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A creative problem solver who drives solutions with technology that best fits the need. Has extensive technical experience in the software, networking, intelligence, security and systems domains. Embraces new challenges and enjoys developing new products and markets.

Personal Information

Folsom, CA 95630


Enjoys translating ideas into a clear, consistent and workable architectural framework. Works persistently until the desired solution has been fully achieved.

List of Skills

VMware Xen OpenStack SDN Chef/Puppet AWS SoftLayer Rackspace
Software Engineering
Architecture Python C/C++ Java TCP/IP SQL/Database GIT/SVN Linux/Unix/Windows
System Engineering
Requirements CONOPS Security Modeling UML/XML MATLAB INCOSE
Business Development
International Presentations Demo Training Support


Throughout career has found ways to best work with teammates and build consensus. With strong communication skills, has successfully managed both projects and people.

from 2008 to present day

Northrop Grumman

Lead System Engineer

  • Lead SE for Global Hawk ASIP program with a focus on payload software
  • Architected portions of the management system of a $600M program
  • Designed interoperability ICDs to interface 3rd party systems into a single unified one
  • Created FAA compliance process for calibration transmission frequency management
  • Wrote MATLAB tools to convert data, and upgraded calibration system features
  • Wrote System Security Plans (SSP) and attained certification for ASIP 2C
  • Wrote security compliance procedure for NAGIOS network management
  • Managed system software delivery of 3rd party components
  • Led verification of key system components
  • Presented technical material at PDR, CDR, gateway reviews and customer meetings
  • Trained in INCOSE, which provides a disciplined and systematic approach to SE
2003 to 2008

Northrop Grumman

Software Manager/Engineer

  • Managed a group of 35 software developers with full responsibility for staffing
  • Responsible IPT for custom handheld Linux based controller
  • Ported ASIP code base from SunOS to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Developed, tested and integrated code for cyber intelligence, using custom TAG processor
  • Built MySQL backend and brought-up Enterprise Architect for high level system design
  • Designed and implemented a Linux based software update facility
  • Wrote DAR, which examined the suitability of all current Network Processors
2000 to 2002

Maple Optical Systems

Network Technologist

  • Key software developer of MPLS and ATM networking protocols
  • Implemented an ATM with PNNI routing code base (DCL)
  • Improved MPLS interoperability with Cisco and Juniper routers
  • Wrote product CLI interface guidelines, which defined the product look and feel
1999 to 2000

Lucent Technologies

Experienced Software Developer

  • Defined and developed portions of early MPLS stack on Ascend APX 8000
  • Wrote software for new ATM networking features
  • Enhanced Frame Relay features on MAX TNT
  • Used advanced protocol analyzers such as Spirent and Agilent
1995 to 1999

Multiple Clients

Software Consultant

  • Optimized WAN network and other feature performance with code refactoring
  • Wrote Frame Relay stack, which attained full compliance with the Sprint FR network
  • Developed extensions to DHCP protocol stack to support PPP
  • Developed and enhanced an ISDN protocol stack for Japan, Italy and U.K.
1990 to 1995


Software Engineer/Manager

  • Team delivered the first multi-protocol dialup IP router, which helped build the Internet
  • Chaired IETF working group to provide interoperability between PPP networking products
  • Wrote design and help standardize PPP with configuration option negotiations
  • Co-developed a header compression technique for IPX (RFC 1553)
  • Managed 10 senior developers, with responsibility for features, budgets and release plans
Until 1990

IBM, Nasa Ames Research Center and Others

Software Engineer/Manager

  • Architected optimal data management solutions using SQL and 4GL tools
  • Provided OS support on IBM’s BSD Unix 4.3 and AIX
  • Provided technical support for ATT Bell Lab Unix ported to Intel x86 processors
  • Analyzed markets, evaluated potential products, and negotiated the distribution rights
  • Designed, developed and tested complete control software for an excimer laser system which controlled devices such as a timer board, stepper motors, and gas valves
  • Developed software products which controlled robotic arms
  • Managed a development/support group for 25 DEC minicomputers
  • Implemented and beta tested DECNet and developed a software distribution system


University of California, Berkeley

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. A member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

DeAnza College

Graduated with a degree in computer science, while interning in the graphics lab at NASA/Ames Research Center.


In addition, likes to create music, images and motion. Continues to examine, reflect on and appreciate the life journey of each person.


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